A Short Film on Alzheimer’s Disease

On the occasion of UN Day, United Nations Pensioners’ Association of India on 31 October 2015 organized for the benefit of its elderly members screening of a short film entitled: “Chalo, Kuch Pal Jeete Hain” produced by Mr Prateek Sapra, son of an ex-WHO colleague, Mr Satish Sapra. The film can be viewed via the link on YouTube:

According to the producer, the aim in bringing out this short film is to bring more awareness about Alzheimer’s, The film avoids reflecting the depressing side associated with the disease, but instead emphasizes on family support which such a patient needs most. What touches the heart most in the film is when, at the end, wife strikes out the item “Visit School with Friends” and moves on !

To supplement the mood created by the film, I thought I would share the mail below which I had forwarded to a few friends earlier on best steps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Hope this would be helpful.

Best wishes,

Shiv K. Varma