Alzheimer’s Day 2015

Each year, 21 September is observed as Alzheimer’s Day to make people aware about this disease which mostly affects the elderly people.

Last year, I had prepared a talk (see attachment) containing data and information about the disease and delivered it at a gathering of Retired Persons Association of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi on 21 September 2014. Later, the same talk was delivered at UN Day celebrations on 26 October organized by United Nations Pensioners’ Association and also later, printed in the Association’s quarterly Bullein.

This year, I am bringing to your attention a film brought out on the subject by Mr Prateek Sapra, son of a very dear friend and colleague at WHO, Mr Satish Sapra.

“Chalo, Kuch Pal Jeete Hain” is a short film being released on the occasion of Alzheimer’s Day on 21 September 2015. highlighting need for support of an Alzheimer’s patient by his family and friends. Please have a look at the film by going to and pasting the following link in their search column:

The message sent out by the film is very noble i.e. the family and friends should go all out to support such a patient. Viewing it brought a lump in my throat, but I was especially touched by the last scene when the wife ticks off the item : “Visit old school with friends” and moves on for the next one.

Please share in your group.

Best wishes,

Shiv K. Varma