Long-term care in CERN


“Services arising from the need for long-term care may be divided into three areas:

  • medical services;
  • paramedical services (physiotherapist, ergonomist, etc.);
  • home care (includes non-medical services provided at home or in a residential or nursing home).

The CHIS will cover these three areas through:

  • existing provisions for medical expenses;
  • an increase of the ceilings on reimbursement of paramedical expenses;
  • a home-care allowance independent of where the care is given.”

Level of
dependency *

Type of benefits

low dependency

moderate dependency

high dependency


CHIS normal
health cover

CHIS normal
health cover

CHIS normal
health cover


1100 CHF/ month

1650 CHF / month

2750 CHF / month

LTC allowance

48 CHF / day

 72 CHF / day

120 CHF / day