About me

My experience

I prepared this information for an election campaign for a post on the World Health Organization Staff Health Insurance Global Oversight Committee in 2015).  

My qualifications include two elements that may be considered crucial for being a member of the Global Oversight Committee. I am physician by training (Diploma of Physician (1964, Lodz, Poland), Doctorate in Medicine (1971, Lodz, Poland). I devoted myself to public health, epidemiology and medical statistics, and I have been throughout my career a licenced physician in my native country, and until my moving to Canada I had a licence of the French Board of Physicians (Membre de l’Ordre des Médecins).

I have a solid educational background in health statistics, health information, epidemiology and demography, including a Diploma in Public Health (1967) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a Diploma in Health Statistics (1966) from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

My experience in issues of governing the WHO Staff Health Insurance covers twelve years of service for the SHI Surveillance Committees, including four years being the Chairman of the Regional HSI Surveillance Committee and four years of Chairman of the Headquarters HSI Surveillance Committee. I participated in three Joint Meetings of the WHO Staff Health Insurance (highest analysis and policy making bodies of the WHO Health Staff Insurance).

After retirement, I continued to be involved, as consultant, in the work of SHI. I designed, implemented and maintained a Web workspace for the use of the SHI Secretariat in preparing monthly Surveillance Committee Meetings and periodic Joint Meetings of the Staff Health Insurance.

I have a vast experience working in different working conditions, at country level (Nigeria), two Regional Offices AFRO and SEARO, eleven years at WHO Headquarters in Geneva, I also worked on shorter missions in WPRO, EMRO, and AMRO/PAHO. Last, but not least, for the last five years I reside in Canada where I have a personal experience with SHI issues of the American Region.

Personal Statement

On the basis of my long term experience with SHI issues I feel that the following issues should be addressed in the next several years by the Governing Bodies of the WHO Staff Health Insurance, I feel that I have the necessary skills and experience to usefully serve to address these issues:

There is an increasing urgent need to address the issue of long-term care. With the growth of dementia and Alzheimers, long-term care will become progressively more important to all of us. This issue should be solved by a cost effective approach, taking care not to increase unjustifiably the level of current contributions.

An adequate way of analysis and proper decisions should be taken to reduce increases in health expenditures particularly in the Americas and Europe.

It is necessary to base the increases in contributions on the actuarial projections, a thorough professional statistical and demographic analysis and interpretation must be ensured before an increase is enforced.

I would ensure that a continuous forum for retirees to express their views through a variety of media including blogging and not necessarily through letters or articles. This will enable the retirees’ representatives to propose innovative changes in SHI elaborated by our community and not only react to proposals made by others.

I would ensure working with the Secretariat in a harmonious and productive fashion; one has to develop a constructive and self-sustaining relationship.